With grocery prices on the rise, experts suggest ways to save

June 3, 2020

By Cat Reid | NBC 41 KSHB

Watch Burt Flickinger discuss his recommendations on ways to save at the grocery store

Grocery prices have been on the rise, seeing the largest increase in March to April since 1974, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In that time frame, overall grocery prices rose a seasonally adjusted 2.6 percent.

Meat prices went up due to shortages stemming from processing plant closures.

“The other reason prices are going up is because brand manufacturers are pulling and eliminating their promotional allowances and their price-reduction allowances,” Burt Flickinger III of the Strategic Resource Group, a retail consulting firm, said.

The 41 Action News I-Team went to Flickinger and Consumer Reports for advice on saving time and money at the grocery store.

1. Stick to smaller regional grocers.
Flickinger pointed to stores like Hen House, Price Chopper and Sun Fresh, which have stronger relationships with different suppliers than the big chains.

“They’re family owned and operated, hence they care about the community,” he said,

“And with Associated Wholesale Grocers, they own their own warehouses. They own their inventory. They have a great range of local suppliers.”

2. Buy store brands.
The 41 Action News I-Team found a brand name aluminum foil package running for $3.99, while the “Best Choice” foil was $3.19.

3. Shop at quiet times.
Consumer Reports suggested searching the store location on Google before visiting. On the far right side of the screen, under the company’s photo and name, is a box that says, “Plan Your Visit.” That tool allows customers to find the busiest and slowest times for the store on every day of the week.

4. Use discount apps.
Consumer Reports recommended Ibotta and Flipp.

Ibotta offers cash back rewards for purchases. Customers can pay through the app or upload receipts to redeem those rewards.

Flipp digitally compiles circulars that can be scanned at checkout.

5. Use a cash-back credit card.
Consumer Reports also recommends trying out a cash-back credit card. The Points Guy has a roundup of some of the best ones of 2020.