Walmart’s Site Launches Private Label

October 23, 2017

By Eva Roethler | AndNowUKnow

BENTONVILLE, AR – After news that Walmart’s recently acquired subsidiary,, would be prepping for it’s own grocery line, the company is gearing up for a private label soft rollout, in what the New York Post is hailing as the “latest weapon” in the retail giant’s arsenal against Amazon.

“The branded vendors are privately telling us that they are relieved about the division becoming a big private label seller,” said retail consultant Burt Flickinger, in a separate Post report. “They see as the best opportunity to slow Amazon’s march towards making unreasonable demands in its procurement.”

The brand, called Uniquely J, reportedly has more than 50 items spanning a multitude of categories, from coffee to detergent to tomato basil sauce. Though it has yet to be reported whether the list will include fresh produce, according to the trademark filing, the portfolio will eventually expand to hundreds of products.


This latest move is one of many that the retailer has incorporated to fortify itself against the rapidly evolving grocery market sector, and AndNowUKnow will continue to report.