The Retail Savant…Burt Flickinger

February 11, 2019

The Ashley Webster Experience with Ashley Webster and Bryan Solomon | Fox News Radio

Listen to Burt Flickinger on The Ashley Webster Experience

Burt Flickinger, Strategic Resource Group Managing Director, joins the podcast to discuss the world of retail.

Flickinger discusses how his family went from being poor farmers to retail magnates. Flickinger’s immediate family created Rexall Drug, Red & White, Super Duper, and co-founded IGA with J. Frank Grimes in 1926 for a total of 10,000+ stores Flickinger founded across the U.S. and Canada to Australia, Asia, and Europe. His uncles co-founded Woolworths, F.W. Woolworth, Woolco, Footlocker, and many other companies including Federated Foods, which the Flickinger Family donated to endow the University of Chicago’s Graduate Schools of Economics and Business.

Flickinger discusses the major players of today – the Amazons, Walmarts, Targets, and Macy’s of the world – and how their future growth is probable but there are possible hurdles they all may face.

Flickinger also talks about the growing divide in retail and who will be able to survive the current “Retail Ice Age”, a term he has coined.