Retailers Face Another Setback to Reopening Due to Riots

June 3, 2020

Retail stores were beginning to open after months of being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, protests may have delayed timelines but many companies have recognized the need for change. Erin Sykes, Retail Expert and Burt Flickinger, Strategic Resource Group Managing Director, joined Brad Smith at Cheddar to discuss what this all means for the future of retail.

Flickinger discusses the bridge to the future for Target and other retailers from horrible community tragedies to reopening past the pandemic and civil unrest. There is potential to take a page from the legacy of Rev. Calvin Butts III of Abyssinian Baptist Church with Jack Futterman and Jim Donald of Pathmark, and their spiritually based partnership for revenue sharing for jobs, affordable housing, education, art and community development in East Harlem and economically depressed NY City neighborhoods following the Crown Heights burnings after 7-year-old Gavin Cato’s tragic death. This model can be transformative across New York, as well as every urban, suburban, and rural area across America.