Is Walmart’s in-home grocery delivery a viable model?

October 15, 2019

Varney & Co. with Charles Payne | Fox Business Network

Strategic Resource Group’s Burt Flickinger discusses retail’s future as industry leaders innovate, including:

  • Walmart’s state-of-the art home delivery to 90% of American people
  • Shoppers’ highest loyalty is to retailers and companies using Solar Power, including Target, Walmart, Amazon, BJ’s, and Costco. Solar Power savings are then used to lower prices and increase wages.
  • Best Omni-Channel/E-Retail companies have higher ESG scores with highest consumer loyalty
  • E-retail delivers more convenience with even lower prices
  • Highest Solar/Sustainability scores using solar. As Thomas Edison said, “The sun is the only inexhaustible source of energy.” It therefore should be the primary source of power.
  • 192,000 retail jobs lost, but nearly 300,000 jobs created due to warehouses and rooftop solar installations on stores and distribution and fulfillment centers
  • Supermarket and drug store chains continue as Solar/Sustainable laggards are being eclipsed by innovative retail leaders increasing consumer loyalty with convenience, low price and environmental/solar leadership, namely at Amazon, Apple, Target, Walmart, BJ’s & Costco
  •  The stock prices for the Solar/Sustainable Retail and CPG leaders have increased 30%, while stocks of the Solar/Sustainable Retail and CPG laggards are -5% during the past two years.