Baystate Business: Netflix, Stop & Shop, Forcepoint (Radio)

April 16, 2019

Listen to Burt Flickinger on Bloomberg Baystate Business with Tom Moroney, Peter Barnes, and Janet Wu, Bloomberg News Radio

On the Tuesday, April 16 edition of Bloomberg Baystate Business we spoke with Jim Nail of Forrester Research about the Netflix earnings. We also talked to Bob Haber of Proficio Capital Partners about the markets. Bloomberg News reporter Shelly Hagan told us about Bloomberg’s U.S. State Innovation Index, which saw Massachusetts come in second behind California. Anne Mostue reported on the latest news from the Stop & Shop strike. We got analysis about the strike from Burt Flickinger of Strategic Resource Group. Finally, we talked with Forcepoint CEO Matt Moynahan about their expansion in Boston’s Seaport. Hosts: Tom Moroney, Peter Barnes and Janet Wu. Producer: Dan Pierce.