Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has the winning playbook: Retail expert

October 25, 2019

Watch Burt Flickinger on Mornings with Maria with Maria Bartiromo, Fox Business Network

Strategic Resource Group managing director Burt Flickinger and Kyriba senior strategy officer Wolfgang Koester discuss Amazon’s growth slowdown, innovation expected from Amazon, and the threat they pose to their competition.

Flickinger’s analysis: Jeff Bezos is the best retail and overall leader since Caesar, Alexander the Great, Joan of Arc and Admiral Grace Murray Hopper, winning everywhere, like all-time Super Bowl winners Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots. As holiday retail sets a $1 trillion record this season, Amazon will have the highest, record-breaking sales growth nationally and internationally. By investing $800 million/quarter in free next-day delivery to 100% solar power, Amazon is the low-cost leader in operations with the lowest prices on the widest depth and range of products.